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Choose your Token Rewards

New Token option available! Welcome BUSDX!

Choose an option from the dropdown below and click Update to update your token selection option. Notice that if you change both token options, you will need to accept 2 transactions in your wallet. If you don't choose anything, the default reward is 50% BNB and 50% FFT.

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Choose Your Split

You can choose the percentage you want to receive from each token. The split needs to be between 0% and 100%, where 100% means you will receive just the first token (100%) and 0% means you will receive just the second token. See more in our docs.

For example, you can choose to convert 10% of your rewards to your First Token option. After every reward cycle, the first token will appear automatically into your wallet, and the remaining 90% (100% - 10%) will be delivered as your Second Token option.

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You will be converting 0% of your rewards to your first token, 0% into your second token option. Connect your wallet and click update to submit your changes.


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